ISO 9001:2008

Multi Chip and Large Modules

In addition to thick film and LTCC substrates, various commercially available materials ranging from polymer printed circuit boards to insulated metal substrates are used depending on the requirements of the application.

Typical applications for LTCC are small modules having one or more active components. LTCC is used ofter for packaging semiconductors to be used as, for example, surface mount components. Power applications utilise often the high thermal conductivity of the substrate and range up hudreds of watts. There are several standard interconnection alternatives for assembly but especially power modules may have customised electrical and mechanical connectors.

Multichip modules and packages are manufactured in our cleanroom. In addition to traditional COB and flip-chip, we have TAB and COC (chip-on-chip) capabilities. Interconnection is made with Au or Al wire, or stud-bump. Chips are encapsulated with glob-top or underfill. In optical products transparent glob-top can be used.

In micromodules the most space saving interconnection method is BGA, which makes the products SMT compatible