Turku operation

August 2012

Selmic Oy acquires Instrument Service business from Partnertech Oy.


Selmic invests in growing the core business by acquiring the electronics manufacturing and product development business in Turku from Partnertech Oy. By this business acquisition Selmic will become a significant player as a manufacturer of measuring equipment.

The transaction will significantly strengthen Selmic’s position as a manufacturer of electronics and will widen further Selmic’s portfolio of services in this field of business. The acquired operations do not overlap with existing client relationships but indeed create new sales and growth in wholly new business segments. The deal was closed on 29.06.2012, where Selmic bought the entire business, machinery, labor contracts, and as well as the right to buy inventory.

Selmic Oy is a part of Cermot Oy's group of companies, with three subsidiaries in Oulu, Tallinn (Estonia) and now in Turku. The Turku factory will be one of Cermot Oy's subsidiaries and is named Selmic Systems Oy.

Selmic's business areas are automotive, medical, industrial electronics, security, defense as well as telecommunications. The purchased businesses further strengthen the technology know-how in industrial segment. Selmic's core business is to provide solutions and services for electronics customers, through turnkey solutions of electronic devices and modules. Selmic is one of the leading suppliers of customized ceramic electronics modules in Europe offering micro modules manufacturing and R&D services. Selmic is investing in the application of the latest technologies and employs about 170 people after the acquisition. Market areas are in Europe, Asia and USA. Sales offices and representatives are in Scandinavia, Germany, Italy, USA and Israel.