ISO 9001:2008


June 2017

Selmic invests to always meet the growing quality and flexibility demands of its customers. Investments have been realized in the updating of an SMD production line, which has been ramped up already earlier this year in operation.

“We would like to adapt and improve the value chain processes of Selmic to be more efficient. The main objective is to be able to handle different lot sizes in the factory and to be able to provide more flexibility to our customer", explains Jari Takala, Head of Production at Selmic.

“For our customers, this investment offers obviously many advantages. These include an increased process reliability and faster turnaround times. This means that the modules can be manufactured faster on the required date, because we do not have to run any complicated set-up anymore", Mr Takala argues.

In addition to the performance boost the new production line meets all important process and quality requirements. Based on the concept of the production line Selmic can realize a highly automated production. As a consequence, Selmic can offer to its customers an expanded portfolio including thick-film and LTCC hybrid modules for all applications including (but not limited to) sensors and modules for various applications including Medical, Industrial, Telecom, Defense and Automotive.

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