Application areas


  • Sensor modules (based TF, PCB, LTCC)
  • Control units (PCB, TF)
  • Frequency converters (TF)

Automotive and Transport:

  • Modules for power controls (TF)
  • Gear-box controls (TF)
  • Lamp control units (TF, PCB)


  • X-Ray sensor modules  (LTCC, TF, PCB)
  • Gas analysers and monitors (LTCC)


  • RF and microwave modules (LTCC, TF)
  • PLLs, VCOs, (LTCC, TF, PCB)
  • filters, switches (LTCC)

Security,Defense & Aerospace:

  • Radar antenna modules (LTCC)
  • Data communication units (LTCC,TF,PCB)
  • Electronic locking components (PCB)
  • Burglar and fire alarm system modules (PCB, TF)
  • X-ray sensor modules (LTCC, TF, PCB)

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